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Feral Cat No Kill Guru Lectures LA County Bar Association

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Posted on: Monday, April 19, 2010 4:34 PM
Author: Michael Hutchins
Subject: Feral Cat No Kill Guru Lectures LA County Bar Association

If you’d like some idea of what the feral cat “no kill guru”, Nathan Winograd is telling his followers, check out this account from someone who attended his lecture to the LA Bar Association and an army of “crazy cat ladies”, who cheered his radical views. Winograd is just one of many emerging wingnuts that reject science, and embrace individual animal rights to the detriment of the rest of nature by strongly supporting “no kill” TNR management for feral cats. He apparently even spewed hate toward HSUS (ironically, a supporter of TNR) and municipal animal shelters (that have nothing to do with HSUS) for condoning euthanasia of feral cats.

Obviously, Winograd and others haven’t read Malthus and don’t have any understanding of the potential impacts of ever-growing populations of destructive exotic species on native wildlife. When it comes to feral cats, will our country continue to embrace irrationality and emotionalism to the detriment of conservation? Frankly, I’m sick and tired of having to explain these issues to people who don’t get it. But I know we must keep hammering the message home and sincerely hope that those responsible for managing our nation’s precious and irreplaceable wildlife (state and federal agencies, who should get it) eventually get the message and ban TNR management of feral cats once and for all.

Both feral cats, which die early deaths from car collisions, disease, and coyotes, and our wildlife would be much better off if cats are removed from the environment and kept indoors. If animal rights groups want to put up the money to maintain millions of cats in indoor facilities for the remainder of their lives, then fine, let them do it. Otherwise, live capture and euthanasia is a humane and perfectly acceptable method to clean up the current mess left by irresponsible pet owners and TNR proponents. Ironically, it is the approach preferred by PETA, one of the most strident of animal rights organizations.

The evidence for the impact of feral cats on migratory birds, small mammals, lizards and other vulnerable creatures is solid and it is time for all who are concerned about the future of wildlife to rise up and be heard. Or next, we’ll have TNR for feral dogs and roaming packs of dangeous animals threatening both wildlife and humans.


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