Career Goals

To pursue a Master’s degree in an area of expertise is known as Human Dimensions of Wildlife.

My research interests are: 1)Defining methods that will contribute to the alleviation of poverty in developing countries using wildlife ecology and conservation as base factors for studies 2) Empowering communities to become involved in sustainable practices conducive to their livelihood and cultural integrity through community based natural resource management initiatives and 3)Protecting biodiversity of flora and fauna in areas affected by poverty by promoting conservation and developing economic means(such as eco-tourism plus others) to assist in poverty alleviation.

In summary I’m interested in the development of community programs based on the protection of wildlife species which contributes to the involvement of the community and the alleviation of poverty.

I’ve written another summary of my research interests which include primary and secondary interests.

“I am interested in human dimensions of wildlife management and pursuing wildlife ecology and conservation as potential focus area for the alleviation of poverty in developing countries by using community based natural resource management approaches. Within these I am interested in human-wildlife conflict, endangered, threatened and rare species conservation and increasing minority (i.e. Black American, Latin American) involvement in the environmental sciences. My goal is to obtain a Master’s degree in Human Dimensions of Wildlife management. As I am pursuing this degree, I hope to determine then whether I will move on to obtain a PhD or seek to enter the career field.”

Short term Goals

  • Retake the GRE (Graduate Record Examination). Got to sign up, lol.
  • Search and apply for another job to further my career goals- Ongoing!
  • Search and apply for funding for grad school
  • Read one journal article per day related to my career interests
  • Obtain a job that will assist me as a student and further solidify the knowledge obtained during my Clemson career( it’d be bad to forget all the material!)

Long term goals

  • Get accepted to grad school for the fall 2011 with full funding!
  • Become fluent in American Sign Language (reading and speaking proficiency), Spanish (reading, written

and spoken), Swahili (reading, written and spoken), and Japanese (reading, written and spoken)


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